Crafter Training Program



Women living with HIV/AIDS handcraft the bracelets offered for sale through the Orphan Bracelet Campaign. The OBC currently employs and manages 60 women operating out of 12 groups of crafters (co-ops) in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. When bracelet sales increase we employ additional crafters in Kwazulu Natal and the Free State. Each group participates in our training program.


During the initial months and on an ongoing basis, the OBC provides these co-ops with the tools, materials and training necessary to establish small micro-businesses. Before their training begins, we conduct an initial skills assessment to determine each individual's strengths and weaknesses. Some of the topics covered during the training program include: managing a bank account, establishing legal entities, protecting their businesses against theft, and establishing other income streams.  Several groups of crafters have gone from having no personal banking experience to applying for loans, to starting second businesses such as local laundry services and sewing school uniforms.

  • Photo 1 of 8Sangoma Funeka cutting wire by hand

  • Photo 2 of 8Crafters in traditional make-up

  • Photo 3 of 8Children help sell bracelets

  • Photo 4 of 8Thembeka of the Emmanuel crafter co-op uses a saw to cut the bracelet rings

  • Photo 5 of 8Masivane crafting group working in the sun

  • Photo 6 of 8Masivane crafting group children

  • Photo 7 of 8Bracelets get a thorough washing before they are packaged

  • Photo 8 of 8Sangoma crafters in training

In addition to the training, the OBC delivers all materials to each location and picks up the finished products, which are marketed worldwide. The women and their co-ops are paid for each bracelet produced.


By purchasing these bracelets you are providing a living wage to these women, as well as two meals a day for children participating in our feeding programs. Bracelet purchases also establish permaculture gardens in communities and schools and provide housing to select orphanages.




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