Children of the World

Children of the World

Children of the World (COTW) provides food and shelter to a small portion of the more than 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia. The orphanage isn’t an adequate home by American standards, but the children are fed, clothed, their school fees are paid and they sleep in bunk beds.

The organization was founded by Catherine Miller, an aid nurse based in Anchorage, Alasaka. After Catherine launched COTW she realized the growing need for this type of service. When the word went out that there was an opening for one child at the orphanage, more than 50 children showed up for that one spot.

The children supported here are the product of a very religious people, so the Orphan Bracelet Campaign donated bibles to these children to help keep them connected with their families. Catherine writes the names of the children’s deceased parents, names of siblings and other surviving family members in their bibles. As Catherine relates, one cannot image the joy these bibles bring to these children who have nothing. For many of these children, it is the only book they own.

In addition to the bibles, the OBC also purchased a swing set for these children. Children waited for hours in a line that stretched around the block to have a chance to play on the only swing set in the city.

Your bracelet purchases and donations help the OBC to partner in projects like these that relieve the suffering of children and women living with HIV. Your support also ensures daily food programmes for children, permaculture gardens to provide proper nutrition and much, much more. So do help us by donating today, buying a bracelet. Every small amount goes a long way.