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Donate by Check

Make checks payable to Dream Out Loud Productions. If you’re donating to support and help children or donating to our current film project, we need to know, please write where the donation should be applied in the memo of your check. Please note, only donations from the U.S. are tax deductible.

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Feed a child

The OBC runs two child feeding schemes in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The frequency of meals served at these feeding schemes are directly dependent on your donations. No amount is too big or too small. Even $10 could make a difference.

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Water tanks

Sponsor a water tank

$950 Buys a community a water tank system. Many of the communities we serve don’t have running water. Not only are these water tanks used to maintain permaculture gardens for growing food, the water is also used for cooking and drinking.

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Permaculture gardens

Sponsor a permaculture garden

$450-$800 can help establish permaculture gardens in communities that don’t always have access to fresh fruit and vegetables. The OBC provides seeds, tools and training to communities to help them establish and maintain their own permaculture gardens.

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Sponsor a school uniform and tuition for a year

$250 will buy an African child a school uniform and tuition for a year. Many children lack an education because their parents can’t afford school fees, or the supplies and uniforms needed to send their children to school.

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Recurring donations

Make a recurring donation

Please consider supporting us monthly. Even a small amount donated every month enables us to engage in additional needs-based capital projects. You will also ensure that we can keep our various child feeding schemes going.

Or instead of funding a specific project, you can also donate to our Network for Good account.


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Frequent flyer

Donate frequent flyer miles

In order to promote our cause around the world and ensure the smooth running of our operations between the United States, India and South Africa, requires frequent air travel. This is a large part of our operating expenses and can be alleviated through the donation of frequent flyer miles. If you have free miles to donate please contact us.

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