Don’s Net Cafe

Don’s Net Cafe – Santa Barbara High School

Dons Net Cafe of Santa Barbara High School, is a student run class committed to their mission of pioneering new business models of responsible entrepreneurship through their practice of Ethonomics (ethics/economics).

Students of the High School elected that Dons Net Cafe promote the Do Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign, watching Louise Hogarth’s documentary ‘Angels in the Dust’. They have assisted in selling the OBC handmade bracelets with 100% of the profits benefitting South African orphanages impacted by the HIV/AIDS crisis.
In 2009 one of these students traveled to South Africa to take gifts from Don’s Net Cafe to the Boikarabelo orphanage where the documentary was filmed. DNC sent school supplies, kazoos – which none of the adults knew how to use but the kids figured out immediately – and DNC T-shirts.

“We were ecstatic by this connection after three years of involvement,
and honored to design a new Do Ubuntu T-Shirt. “

The Virtual Enterprise students want to inspire the realization for individuals to create positive social and environmental change through ethical commerce and service learning. Services include free tax-filing services for low income families (for the past 15 years), Roots and Shoots Club, Do Ubuntu bracelet campaign sales, cell phone recycling, customized products manufacturing, street/beach clean-ups, graffitti removal, fair-trade coffee sales, bulk tea sales, and healthy snack sales.

“This class is not for pretenders, we work hard, we play hard and if you are not pulling your weight it shows right away. There is room for everyone to do good and together for us to create social and environmental change. It is amazing what we are able to do and what we have accomplished. We have really done some good in the world.”Maria Vallejo-CEO

Santa Barbara Dons Net Cafe can be reached at 805.963.8597 or at