Family Foundation School

Family Foundation School

The students of the Family Foundation School in Hancock, New York have helped support the Orphan Bracelet Campaign. The student government sold bracelets at family days and other special events to raise money for orphans. Since April 2006 they have raised approximately $4,000.

The journalism class viewed the film Angels in the Dust during the fall of 2007. Most of them knew little or nothing about the situation of AIDS orphans in Africa. For many, it was a reminder to be grateful for the many gifts they have received throughout their lives. After watching the film, the students responded by writing essays based on their personal reactions. The film inspired the students to support the cause by informing the community and helping with event promotion. Excerpts from the students essays appeared in the November 2007 issue of The Family Times along with advertisements for the bracelets.

“I think that the whole world should see this movie, and then maybe one day we wouldn’t be so complacent and walk around content with our money, our possessions and our families. Maybe then we would wake up to what is really important and what is worth fighting for.” (Val R., Senior)

“Although it is the result of human evil that all those children are abused and abandoned with a fatal disease, it is also the result of human goodness that these orphans now know love and protection. The film conveys the message that in the midst of darkness there is still light – but it must come from us.” (Katie S., Junior)