Party Registration Form

Party Registration Form

Thank you for supporting women living with HIV/AIDS and orphaned children in South Africa. To reserve your DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Party or Screening, fill in the form below. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when we receive your request.

Every bracelet party order ships standard with one Angels in the Dust DVD for screening, this includes a DO Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign Promo and is yours to keep. We also include glossy black & white Simphiwe Dana postcards and “story cards” for you to package with the bracelets.

A color-coded size chart with 5 bracelet samples will also be shipped with your party pack. These must be returned to the OBC after your party unless they are sold.

Please fill in your personal details below, all boxes marked with * means details are required.

Details about your party/screening.

Please indicate the quantities of bracelets (for selling) at your party. Our bracelets come in three sizes and two thicknesses.

Apart from the bracelets we also have the Angels in the Dust DVD and Original Soundtrack that can be sold at your party.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we require credit card details at the time of your order’s confirmation, we will not charge your credit card until AFTER the party. The credit card deposit form can be downloaded from the Resource Page. The total amount charged is based upon the items sold/returned as indicated on your “RETURN ORDER FORM” which you will receive with your shipment. (Non-US orders will be charged at the FOREX rate for the day we receive and process the returned items).

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within three days, please contact us to follow up that we have received your request to host a screening/bracelet party.