Angels in the Dust

Angels in the Dust

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign was founded as a direct result of the documentary Angels in the Dust. The film was directed, written and produced by OBC founder Louise Hogarth and her non-profit production house Dream Out Loud films, of which the OBC is a subsidiary.

Angels in the Dust

From the executive producers of An Inconvenient Truth, Angels in the Dust, is the inspiring story of Marion Cloete, a university-trained therapist who – with her husband and two daughters – fearlessly walked away from a privileged life in a wealthy Johannesburg suburb to establish Boikarabelo, an extraordinary village and school that provides shelter, food and education to more than 550 South African children.

The story of Marion and the orphans she cares for is illustrated by the dramatic parallel saga of the orphaned elephants of the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. The longtime practice of culling – killing adult elephants to control herd size – tore apart the complex social fabric of elephant families. As a result, orphaned baby elephants grew up exhibiting unusually violent behavior, such as attacking and killing rhinos. Adult elephants were re-introduced to the Pilansberg population to re-socialize the young and the experiment worked. The stories of the orphaned children are juxtaposed with the re-parented elephants of the Pilanesberg.

This powerful documentary celebrates how children who are surrounded by death and tragedy can be instilled with strength and hope for a better tomorrow.

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Dream Out Loud Films

 The Orphan Bracelet Campaign (OBC) evolved from Dream Out Loud (DOL) Productions, a Los Angeles based non-profit independent film company that specializes in true stories about people and events focusing on social and human rights issues.

DOL films has been involved in a number of award-winning documentaries, including The Panama Deception that won an Academy Award for Best Feature Length Documentary.

DOL is dedicated to the creation of media projects that touch hearts, transform attitudes and foster positive change. Our goal is to deliver compelling entertainment that will inspire audiences to get involved in the issues that affect us all. We are committed to making a difference.

After experiencing the tragedy of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, Louise Hogarth was compelled to DO Ubuntu and launched the Orphan Bracelet Campaign to highlight the orphan crisis.