The children and communities benefitting from the Orphan Bracelet Campaign have stolen hearts around the globe. Many celebrities have helped increase the visibility of the OBC and some have leant their talents to giving our work a voice.

Simphiwe Dana has been the face of the OBC and features on many of our posters and postcards. She is also the vocalist featured on the Angels in the Dust soundtrack – the film that inspired the OBC. Simphiwe was born and raised in the Eastern Cape, where the OBC does most of its work. Her name means ‘gift’ and many of her fans would agree that she is just that, a gift to the South African music scene. In a short period of time Simphiwe Dana has become one of South Africa’s favorite daughters representing her culture and heritage all around the world.

Described as a young Miriam Makeba, Dana’s voice transports one to a golden era in South Africa’s history. Her music is rich with warm harmonies from her backing vocalists and stylishly held together by her band’s jazzy grooves.

Simphiwe is the winner of 7 South African Music Awards (SAMA) for her two albums “Zandisile” (2004) and “The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street” (2006) released in South Africa by Gallo Records.Simphiwe-2.jpg

She performs throughout South Africa and Europe and released her most recent album in 2009.

More information on Simphiwe can be found on her Facebook page.

rosario-page.jpgActress Rosario Dawson (left) has backed our cause by agreeing to a mini-photo shoot wearing our bracelets and she donned our bracelets in her new film ZOO KEEPER, set for release in July 2011.

Superstar Usher was spotted wearing a DO Ubuntu bracelet at the Michael Jackson memorial (see slideshow below), while he was performing a tribute to the late pop king.

Drew Barrymore wore the OBC bracelets in her movie GOING THE DISTANCE, released in 2010.

And we were also delighted to learn that lead cast members in the television show SONS OF TUCSON wore our bracelets as a gesture of support.

A number of celebrities have been been seen out and about at show biz and other events wearing the DO UBUNTU bracelets, in a show of solidarity.

The actress and comedian Tichina Arnold showed off her DO Ubuntu bracelet during the 2008 Grammy Awards.

In 2009 TV Personality Stacy Keibler was seen wearing our bracelets on the red carpet at the Superbowl Maxim Party, hosted by Samsung, Patron and Gilette.

Actress and activist Sheryl Lee Ralph modeled the the first beaded breast piece handcrafted through our Beading Program. You will find more information about the tradional beading program under our projects section.

Hannah Montana cast member Romi Dames and Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson have also been spotted DOING UBUNTU by wearing our bracelets.

These celebrities DO UBUNTU by supporting the Orphan Bracelet Campaign and so could you.