Grandmothers we Support


In South Africa thousands of grandmothers have become the sole caretakers of grandchildren from their own children who have died of AIDS. Some of these grannies have lost all their children and so take care of a collective of grandchildren, often with measly or no income at all. The OBC supports two of these remarkable grandmothers through your donations and bracelet purchases.

Elmina, is an OBC bracelet crafter. On her own she supports ten children. What makes her case even more inspiring is that none of these children are related to her. Although Elmina earns an income through the bracelets she crafts for the Orphan Bracelet Campaign, this is not enough to meet the needs of the children in her care.

The money we receive from bracelet sales provides a small monthly stipend to feed Elmina’s extended family. Elimina can be seen with OBC founder Louise Hogarth in the photo collage above (right). To her left are some of the children she takes care of. Bracelet making is a family affair in Elmina’s home and a time to get the whole brood around the dinner table.

Elmina and her kids making bracelets

Gladys (top photo collage: second from left) is Pinky’s grandmother. This AIDS orphan has become one of the faces of the OBC and she featurs on many of our posters and promotional materials. Gladys takes care of Pinky and Nosipo who was orphaned at age two. Thanks to an OBC financial donation Gladys was able to take Nosipo to a clinic where it was discovered that she was suffering from 80% hearing loss. The OBC further offered financial support for the operation to correct this and Nosipo now has perfect hearing.

Through your donations and bracelet purchases, the OBC hired a builder to build a much needed new roof for Pinky & Nosipo’s home, after their roof began leaking severely. We also donated a washing maschine to help ease Gladys’ daily work load. With ongoing support from the OBC the family tends their own permaculture garden, which includes fruit trees. Their garden supplies much of their daily fresh food requirements.

Pinky & Nosipo (back)

Planting permaculture gardens in needy communities is one of the OBC’s main goals. To find out more about these permaculture gardens and what you can do to sponsor one, please visit our permaculture garden page.

Your bracelet purchases help to provide many basic services to people like Gladys, Elmina and their children. They also provide employment for women crafters living with HIV/AIDS, daily food programs for children, and much more.