Our Mission

Our Mission

In the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa, where there is an unemployment rate of approximately 70%, we empower HIV/AIDS affected women by giving them the opportunity to take control of their lives by offering employment. We teach them the necessary skills to run their own businesses and to become self-sufficient. We also pay them a living wage.

We provide training and technical assistance to these women crafters who handcraft our high quality bracelets. OBC also provides the tools, recycled rubber and lead-free metals used to make the bracelets. The Campaign also assists the crafters in forming legal entities such as Cooperatives and Trading-As Companies. OBC provides business skills training and encourages second product development.

These bracelets are marketed worldwide through the Internet, at retail stores and at screenings of the documentary, Angels in the Dust, at churches and on college campuses, etc. With its simple design, the appeal of the bracelet cuts across boundaries of age, sex, style and race.

Profits generated from the sale of the bracelets help to:

  • Feed more than 200 children every day
  • Employ approximately 80 women crafters
  • Build and sustain permaculture gardens
  • Purchase water tank systems
  • Allows us to support special projects


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