Our Wishlist

A Case for Support

The OBC must sell more bracelets and raise more money to sustain its campaign and the many other programs it is supporting. Recently the OBC saw an increase in bracelet sales, when Bloomingdale’s placed a half page ad in the New York Times marketing the bracelets, but that surge quickly slowed once the advertisement stopped running. Louise and the OBC need your help to increase the distribution of the bracelets. Remember, YOUR support could change the lives of countless women and children in Africa.

Our Wishlist

1.) To hire a full time Development and Marketing Director – this is essential to increasing the OBC’s visibility and marketing support in order to boost the campaign’s impact. This person would also be responsible for pursuing grants and other funding streams, as well as increasing the campaign’s visibility worldwide.

2.) To hire a full time Executive Director – this is vital to the continuation of the program as the volunteers are no longer able to provide the support necessary to maintain and grow the project.

3.) To train and empower between 20 and 50 additional women per year with the skills needed to create and manage their own businesses. This is the ultimate goal of the project: to help women to establish small businesses within their communities.

4.) Increase the number of women employed by the Crafter Training Program to above 150. This is another key mission of the project: increasing the skills of the women with whom we interact and as a result fostering self-sufficiency and sustainability for the women and their communities.

5.) Create an outcomes-based measurement tool to accurately determine the impact of the program in the following areas:

  • The 50 % increase in access to adequate nutrition for both the women and their children.
  • The 25 % increase in support for the Daily Food Program, Molly Bam Orphanage and the grannies over the past 7 years.

Download printable Case-For-Support.zip (1.23MB)