Party Resources

Party Resources

Thank you for your interest in hosting a bracelet party/screening of the documentary Angels in the Dust. Bracelet parties/screenings held by individuals have always been a successful way to increase awareness of the Orphan Bracelet Campaign and bracelet purchases. 

If you haven’t yet registered your party, please register first.

Party Documents ZIP FILE

Once your registration is complete, the next step is to download the zip file below, which contains all the necessary documents for your screening/party:

  1. How to host an Orphan Bracelet Party (PDF)
  2. Angels in the Dust synopsis and status report (PDF)
  3. Testimonials from the Emmanuel Food Program (4 PDFs in Zip file)
  4. Party Invitation (PDF)
  5. Credit Card Deposit Form (PDF) (0.6MB)


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Postcards, Posters & Photos ZIP FILE

The next step is to download poster examples, photos and postcards to display and share with your party/screening guests. The Zip-file below contains all the resources listed in the table at the bottom of the page in high-resolution printable format. (9.2MB)


Files included in the photos zip file:

Postcard and Poster ft. singer Simphiwe Dana

Bracelet Postcard & Poster

Angels in the Dust Poster Example & Blank

Pinky in Bracelets Postcard & Poster