Permaculture Gardens

Permaculture Gardens

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign has six permaculture gardens for four different community groups helping children. Your bracelet purchases pay for seedlings, fruit trees, permaculture training, tools and equipment needed to support the nutritional needs of these children and to increase the self-sufficiency in these communities.

These gardens not only provide essential nutrition for vulnerable communities and children, they also improve the self-reliance of these communities.

Emmanuel Food Center

Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the Emmanuel Food Center feeds 400-700 children daily. Though some of these children are not orphans, their families are desperately poor and they are classified as vulnerable by the South African government. Although government supports programs to help vulnerable children, they don’t directly provide funding for food programs. The OBC helps to supplement these government programs through the building of permaculture gardens, that provide an additional food source. We have built three gardens in various locations to help feed the children.

African Gospel Church

The OBC runs its own daily food program for up to 200 vulnerable children from the African Gospel Church near Port Alfred. To assist this program we established a large permaculture garden on the church grounds. Many of the children who come here for food are HIV/AIDS infected and require up to three meals per day to maintain good health.

Molly Bam Orphanage

Molly Bam, commonly known in the Alexandria Community as the Alex Angel, has been operating this orphanage with the help of her husband Niels for more than 18 years. They care for abandoned, abused, orphaned and physically challenged children without the benefit of funding from the South African government. The OBC planted their permaculture garden which helps to feed up to 100 orphaned children and another 100 children from the village every day.

Granny Gladys

Gladys is one of the grandmothers the OBC supports. She cares for six orphaned children, most of whom are not related to her. We built a small garden for Gladys, which includes fruit trees, to help her feed these children. In addition, we recently built a much needed roof for their house.

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