Pinky’s house gets a new roof

Pinky’s house gets a new roof

Through the food program in Port Alfred, the Orphan Bracelet Campaign staff learned of a local woman named Gladys, who cares for six orphaned children. One of these children is Pinky, Glady’s grandchild whom she has cared for since infancy and who is featured on one of our postcards.

According to OBC staff, Gladys’ house was in need of a new roof. The roof leaked profusely during the rainy season. There were pots, pans, tin cans, etc., in every room of the house, used to catch the falling rainwater. There was not a dry spot in the house, including the children’s beds. As a result, the children were often sick and unable to attend school.

Gladys excited over new roof sheets

Pictures showing buckets in every room before new roof.

Thanks to your support, Pinky and her family now have their new roof and a dry house, too. And she is back in school. In addition, we planted a small permaculture garden for Gladys, which includes fruit trees, so they will always have food to eat.

We also gave Gladys a washing machine to help with the never-ending laundry required to clothe six children.
With the help of your bracelet purchases we continue to provide monthly financial support to help Gladys with expenses for the children she so unselfishly cares for.

Your bracelet purchase helps to provide many basic services to this population; employment for the women crafters living with AIDS who make the bracelets, daily food programs for children, permaculture gardens to grow their own food and much more.