We always need more volunteers

We always need more volunteers

The OBC is a truly international effort. Our staff, volunteers and supporters are scattered across the globe, so no matter where you are, we are always looking for people who can help with bracelet distribution, logistics and other tasks like updating the website. Our crafter trainers mostly reside in South Africa and our aid work is focused on the African continent, in particular South Africa.

What our volunteers and staff do 


The OBC’s headquarters are situated in Los Angeles, CA. This is also the base of OBC founder Louise Hogarth. Louise and a small team of volunteers coordinate our global effort, generate public awareness of the OBC’s projects, organize events and community bracelet sale efforts and generally takes care of office administration. We have a growing need for volunteers at our Los Angeles office, so contact us if you are interested in assisting.  


The bracelets manufactured by the OBC crafters in South Africa are made from wire imported from India. Once they are made, the bracelets are exported to the USA and other countries for sale. Our international volunteers often aid us in finding suppliers of tools and materials and in establishing relationships with distributors in various countries. They also handle the logistics of seeing the bracelets through customs and making sure they reach their final destination, the buyers of our bracelets.

Work in the field 

In South Africa where most of the grassroots work takes place, we have trainers who teach the skill of bracelet making to HIV&AIDS affected women. Our crafter training program also involves teaching women business skills in order for them to eventually create their own independent businesses. Our crafters work in co-ops, so our staff and volunteers are also responsible for delivering tools and materials, as well as collecting the finished bracelets.

We further help to establish permaculture gardens in various communities and train the communities to maintain these gardens themselves. The OBC supplies the tools necessary to cultivate the gardens and also the initial seeds for planting. Establishing as many permaculture gardens as possible is one of the OBC’s key objectives, as nutrition is essential to the wellbeing of mothers and children living with HIV&AIDS.


The OBC often partners with other charities on the ground in order to streamline operations and improve the effectiveness of our support to vulnerable communities. If you would like to partner with us, please let us know.


Our website is an important tool through which the general public can purchase bracelets and to promote the OBC’s cause. So if you are a programmer, skilled in HTML and CSS, we can always use your help.

Screenings & Bracelet Parties 

The easiest volunteering you can do is to organize a screening of the documentary Angels in the Dust. We have sold many bracelets and created great exposure for our work through public screenings of the film.

You can also Host a Bracelet Party. A fun way to entertain your friends and support a good cause at the same time. We will provide you with all the resources you need, so it doesn’t cost you anything but time.